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Post Mix Drink Syrups and Equipment for Restaurants

Post Mix Syrups for Restaurants

Real Soda is a leading British post mix syrup supplier and manufacturer of high-quality soft drinks for restaurants throughout the UK.

We provide a wide range of leading post mix syrup drinks delivered promptly and to your door, ensuring your customers always have their favourite drink of choice available when dining.

Post Mix Juices
BIB (Bag in Box)

Post Mix Cordials
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Post Mix Mixers
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Post Mix Carbonated Soft Drinks BIB (Bag in Box)


Precision Pouring - Real Soda Post Mix Dispensers for Restaurants

When you buy post mix syrup from Real Soda for your restaurant, we will loan drink dispensing equipment to you, completely free of charge!* We provide both tower dispensers and gun dispensers, both of which can dispense 2-8 different types of drinks.

*Offer subject to a minimum purchase quantity of 65 bags of syrup (across all products) per year.

!0 Button Gun

*Offer subject to a minimum purchase quantity of 65 bags of syrup (across all products) per year.


Deliver on Refreshment - Real Soda Post Syrup Mix Products for Restaurants

At Real Soda, we understand that the quality of the drink you offer needs to match the quality of the food. This is why we provide a wide range of high-quality post mix drinks to ensure you consistently deliver the highest standard of refreshments to serve alongside your food.

We supply leading post mix brands to restaurants including official Pepsi Cola, 7Up and Tango, in addition to delicious Real Soda manufactured carbonated soft drinks mixers, post mix mixers, post mix juices and post mix cordials.

Whatever your requirements, we can help you to build the optimal drinks range to suit your customers. View our full range of post mix drinks online today.


Our Post Mix Products for restaurants

Pepsi Square

Post Mix Pepsi
BIB (Bag in Box)

diet Pepsi post mix syrup

Post Mix Diet Pepsi
BIB (Bag in Box)

Pepsi Max Post Mix Syrup

Post Mix Pepsi Max
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Pepsi Max Cherry Post Mix Syrup

Post Mix Pepsi Max Cherry
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Why Choose Real Soda to Supply Your Restaurant?

Real Soda is an independent British supplier and manufacturer, of high quality, soft drinks. Providing a wide range of post mix products, Real Soda can meet all of your soft drink dispensing needs.

  • Complete soft drink supply and dispense solutions
  • Extensive range of leading post mix soft drinks
  • Reliable dispense equipment and service
  • Prompt delivery service
  • Dedicated expert technical service and support
  • Experienced and friendly customer service team
  • Selected products available in 5l boxes

Contact our sales team today for more information or to place an order!




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